Metal detecting is definitely a great hobby for everyone but especially for people who love the excitement of always finding something new.

Just the anticipation of possibly finding something that could bring a significant amount of cash to your pocket makes the hobby more popular every day.

metal detecting skills

With the prospect of valuable treasure, many people take metal detecting past just a hobby and actually make it a part of their everyday lifestyle.

If you’re just starting out in metal detecting, you’ll definitely find that it’s more than just a fun sport but something that also adds a bit of challenge.

Before getting started in metal detecting, you need to realize that the hobby requires commitment and enthusiasm to better yourself and your skills.

Choosing the Right Equipment

The first thing you need to get started is the best metal detector for you. Just going out and getting the first metal detector you find isn’t the best way to choose the right equipment.

What you should do instead is first get the information to help you choose between the different detectors available.

If after researching the different options and you’ll still not sure which one works for you, just ask someone who knows.

Asking a professional or even someone in a metal detecting club will give you better insight into which one works best for you and your goals.

Buying Your First Metal Detector

When you’re new to metal detecting, you’re better off buying only one metal detector. There are many more experienced metal detectorists who buy more than one detector depending on what it’s used to find and where you’re using it.

There are many metal detectors that are made to be used in specific areas so make sure to start off with one that will work for the area you plan to search the most.

There are a lot of detectors that won’t work in wetter places like the beach so make sure to first try yours in areas such as forests and parks before venturing to sandy, wet terrain.

Practice, Practice, Practice

After gaining some experience and getting comfortable with one type of area, venture out to different environments to increase your knowledge of how different terrain reacts to your metal detector.

Doing this will help you optimize your skills in determining what notifications your detector gives you.

Since different metal detectors are made for different terrain and environments, choosing which one works for you will help you in finding that hidden treasure.

Having Knowledge and Skills

There’s is more to metal detecting then just the equipment you use; having the right skills for the task is important as well.

Finding valuable treasure in the beginning may be daunting but once you get the right practice and improve your skills, the finds will only become more rewarding. In addition, the Internet is a treasure trove of information that will help you in learning the knowledge you need to be a successful metal detectorist.

The hobby of metal detecting is beyond a doubt an exciting, fun hobby that will bring joy to any adventure you take in finding hidden treasure.

Part 2: Change Bad Habits

  1.  Going too fast in swinging. I have slowed down a lot from my past , kinda like old age I find that I was missing some signals by swinging too fast. Some of them came in loud & clear when I went back and tried it slower.
  2. Keeping the coil on the ground always. I don’t understand why one would put the coil farther away from the target. Wouldn’t you miss signals ?
  3.  Audio signals – develop an ear for sounds – you will know which ones to pass or not. This just takes time to be as one with your machine.
  4.  Don’t give up too soon. If you are not finding much at a site don’t give up and go. Some times I have found very little in an area but kept at it and found more in other parts of a site. Tot lots are good examples. Maybe others have hit the same starting spots and given up.
  5. Which leads us to this one – think outside the sites where most people detect. Try way under the bushes or trees; leave the lawn and try the dirt places; try the least likely spots.
  6. Don’t give up on a signal. If I am getting tired I tend to say "probably not a good signal”. But I try to continue digging just to be sure. Sometimes it has paid off nicely.
  7. Lower your discriminate. Why not try it a while anyway. What else do you have to do and it just might put you on new ground that has been done before.
  8. Research & go to old ghost towns/sites – forget all the ones that are in every book already. My best finds out in the desert have been this way. If you are reading a travel book with sites then many others have already read the same book.
  9. Lastly, forget luck. Hard work is more reliable.

I know some of you dont agree with some of these – I just wanted to throw out some things to consider . Steve in so az

So when you read this which one are your doing, which one could you better yourslef with. I know that I have done all of these and that I need to keep in mind when I hunt not to do them. So I ask you can you add anything to the list of bad habits, post a comment and let us know what you have to add. Talk to you all soon.


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