So, I am getting more and more confident that the XP Deus is everything I have wanted in a detector.  I know that’s saying a lot.  But I think it’s true.  When I first got the detector, I really wrestled with everything.  I came from the Garrett AT Pro.  I was used to making judgment calls based on sounds.  Even so, I struggled with the settings, etc.  Therein lies the first secret to working with the Deus – you need to give it time.  Over time, you will master it and unlock the incredible power of this detector.  I’m going to review the detector later, so I’ll leave some of those details for that.

xp deus underwater kit equipment

I had mastered depth with this machine and was working hard recently to understand how to pick things out of the trash.  I was getting pretty frustrated until the past couple of weeks.  I ended up going back to one of the toughest spots in the past.  It’s a somewhat old farmhouse that is super trashy and has lots of EMI, or electrical magnetic interference.

I put on my fav. trash program and made sure the sensitivity wasn’t too high.  I also experimented with changing the frequencies, to deal with the EMI – which is crazy high.  To give you an example, two hunting buddies last time gave up b/se of the EMI.  One was running a Whites and the other a lower Garrett.

I was very happy to see that I could work in the toughest of spots by adjusting some settings.  It was a little bit of an issue, but nothing I couldn’t live with.  I got coins in the backyard, picked among the iron and trash.  I also got the nice key.  Some of the finds were crazy clear.   I really couldn’t believe I had missed them previously.  I found a wheat penny in the front yard, where the EMI is crazy bad.  It sounded so clear, I was shocked.  I can’t believe I missed it.  1918D – a lower mintage wheat.  I found an assortment of clock parts, matchbox cars, etc.

I didn’t get anything great – but I found a lot more than I had and I was shocked at the separation in the trashiest spots.  The ground in these spots is just insanely packed with targets.  If you drag the coil across at more than a crawl, it sounds like a machine gun.

I was happy, but wanted to try more.  So, today at lunch I headed to a trash filled picnic area.

Again, I was amazed to just pick out coins among the trash that was strewn about.  I got a high tone amidst a garble of low and mid tones.  I picked out nails, a pull tab, other small pieces of metal.  I rescanned, now the high tone was even better – signaling a deeper signal (that’s a setting too – ability to distinguish targets that are deeper).  I dug down and pulled out a black dime.  I wiped the edges off and clearly saw that it was silver.  It was starting to concretize on the faces, so I have no idea the date.  I can see that it’s a Rosie.  I just grinned, ear to ear.  What an advantage.

I worked the edges and found the silver earring with what I’m sure is CZ stone.  I also found a junk ring among the trash.

Again, it’s hard to describe how trashy these places are.  The Deus is crazy good in the trash.  Now that I can go deep and pick things out among trash/iron – it’s starting to get super fun.

XP DEUS Best Program

First one. Program for the lazy ...

Discrimination 0
5 tones:
195 00-00
195 00-32 (can be moved to 34 or less)
571 32-48
725 48-78 (for small silver coins)
616 79-99 (for copper and bigger silver coins)
sensitivity 85-94 (depending on the "garbage")
TX power 1 or 2
Frequency 12 (or 18)
reactivity 3 or less
Ground balance by location or manually 82


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