I have compiled this list and it is by no means a complete list. This was put together by me reading lots of different forums and other sources. I think that there is some great info here for the newer detectorists and there might be something for the seasoned pro. So here it goes.

  1.  Read and adhere to the code of ethics, especially the part about filling your holes back in
  2. Always re-check your hole after digging the initial target
  3. Keep your coil close to the ground and level throughout the swing
  4. Research-location is key to finding quality finds, and is key to being in the right place to find those targets
  5. Know your detector, knowing your lower-end detector in and out can out perform a better equipped hunting buddie
  6. Don’t get impatient and disappointed, you are not going to get rich quick, quality finds are generally proportional to time spent in the field and the number of holes dug.
  7. Use the right coil, when in trashy areas use a small "sniper” coil, when depth is needed use the larger search coils. If the area is to trashy then focus on a small area and dig it all.
  8. Always carry extra batteries
  9. If you have an extra detector bring it, never know when you main unit might go down
  10. Headphones, always use headphones to hear those faint and deep targets
  11. Pin-pointer, can save you a lot of time and reduce the size of the holes you dig
  12. Discriminate as little as possible, gold rings and chains show up as pull tabs and foil
  13. Balance your detector often, or when you change your settings
  14. Wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects
  15. Watch people when at places you detect to see where they are and what they are doing. Not to be confused with stalking
  16. Have a backup plan in case your site falls through
  17. Water, keep water handy and drink a lot in hot weather
  18. Use a probe to recover shallow targets
  19. Carry a digital camera to document your finds
  20. Never show anyone your finds, tell them "just pennies and junk” but always show them when on private land
  21. Keep it safe, hunt with friends when in a not so safe place, tell family when you should be back give or take a couple of hours.
  22. Test targets can provide you with an advantage when hunting a new area.
  23. Cover your coil and control box just in case of potential down pour, and or to keep the dust out
  24. Garden, having a test garden at home will give you the advantage you have been looking for, it will help you to learn your machine in ways you never thought possible.
  25. Search grid, when at a new or even old hunting area, search it in a tight grid pattern, then reverse the pattern at a different angle.
  26. Learn to pinpoint, when you master your pinpointing skills you will spend less time searching for your target
  27. Search pattern, first two patterns at right angles to each other and then another one at a 45 degree angle to the first two
  28. Check your target by sweeping over it at different angles
  29. Knee-pads, they make digging a lot more comfortable
  30. Keep a extra rag on your tool belt, to keep your digger, detector clean
  31. Protection from the elements, such as a hat, sunscreen, bug juice, rain coat
  32. Different digging tools to a new spot can save the day, you never know what you might run into
  33. When hunting with partners bring a set of walkie talkies, they can save you a lot of walking back and forth
  34. Prepare for your hunt with mapping it out, printing out maps, from such places as google earth, or yahoo maps, find out where old buildings used to be, and where people used to gather
  35. On really nice lawns use a towel to put your dirt on and to ensure you are not making a mess
  36. To help out with deep targets you can lift your coil six inches or so to see if the signal diminishes, if it does it might be can slaw
  37. Always be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to everything not just your coil
  38. Take a break once in awhile, give your brain, ears, and arm a rest they deserve it
  39. Multi-tools come in handy, pick one up if you don’t have one
  40. Flashlight, deep holes even on sunny days are hard to see into
  41. An old paint brush is a handy tool when you get back to your vehicle to clean off the days dirt form your detector
  42. Keep special finds in a different place, an extra, small pocket in your "fanny pack”, a different vest pocket, you won’t like it if you best find gets scratched from a piece of trash in the same pocket. A pill bottle with some cotton in it will work wonders to save that gold, or silver.
  43. Rings will give a response based on the thinnest part of the band
  44. Necklace’s with large enough links will give a chatter as the coil is passed over it
  45. Think outside the box, put yourself in someone else’s shoes when hunting a new spot, what would they be doing
  46. IF IN DOUBT DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
rustic horseshoe

Like I said this list is just some ideas, that I have gotten from other people on other forums, and other sources from around the web. If you have something you would like to add then please let me know.


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