thrill of the hunt

Metal detecting is so much more than just getting out there and swinging your coil and hoping to find something long lost and forgotten of time forgotten.

There are aspects to the hobby that we take for granted, but those are the things that I think I enjoy so much more. I love to research; I have an appetite for history that needs to be filled. I love the idea that I can research some old property of yesteryears and find it today, no matter what it may be today. I have found locations long forgotten over the years of simple neglect.

I recently found the location of the first water powered mill. I live in a rich and vibrant area, where we were founded by the lumbering industry. I did the research and as I stated before found the location of Iosco County’s first water powered mill. They used to make shingles there and log the lumber from the surrounding area. When I first found it, the place that I have been to hundreds of times turned out to be a party spot in the woods for kids. But when I looked at it with new eyes and a new understanding of what I was looking at, I saw it all. I saw the mill, the barns where shingles were stored, where the house once stood. I even looked upon a lilac bush standing proudly in the middle of a field. Once I understood what I was looking at things came together, and unveiled themselves to me.

Metal detecting at that point became so much more to me. I prepared myself for my adventure. I did the research that lead me to the new hunting grounds. Now it was time to prepare my mind to hunt the property. I took photos of the property to study and learn while at home. I took many photos, so that when I went back I knew where I was and where I wanted to be, I could also see my "grid” of areas that I wanted to hunt.

This is just one more thrill of the hunt that I was experiencing.


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