Would you like to go treasure hunting with your kids or even with your family on a nice weekend?! Well, it is possible to create your own metal detecting device without the need to spend hundreds of dollars.

It is always a great idea to save money while having a nice device to have fun with your kids and family. You can go treasure hunting in several different places such as the beach, the gardens and even your own backyard. The possibilities are endless, especially if you do not want to spend money and wan the possibility to make some cash altogether.  Are you ready to start a project? It is easy, cheap and very fast.

metal detectors for kids

Are you ready to go for a hunt? Here are the materials that you will need to create your own metal detector.

Make Your Own Metal Detector with Kids

All you need for this project is an AM radio, some duct tape, and a small calculator.
2: Let’s Start

Start by turning the radio on an AM station. Tune it to the upper reaches of the AM band, but not directly on a broadcast station. Adjust the volume to the maximum level so you can clearly hear the static. It is easy to see whether it is working or not.
3: Positioning

Now with both the calculator and the radio on, put the calculators near the radio until you hear a high pitch. At the right angle, the static radio must become a low hum, you’ll notice the difference, but may have to test various angles and distances between the calculator and the radio before.
4: Putting them together

Once this position is found, paste the calculator to the radio, keeping placement.When done, make sure you can constantly hear the noises the equipment can make.

See more HERE and Now let’s test it!!!
5: Test it

Turn on the radio and try to detect any type of metal. You will notice that the calculator beeps whenever you get close to the metal. It beeps even faster the closer you get to the metal detecting. If you pass this improvised device on the ground, any metal buried relatively close to the surface will increase the sound of tinnitus.
6: Why It Works

The reason this works is because the loud sound coming from the radio are electronics Calculator producing a radio frequency signal. That said, Calculator radio waves reflect the spoon and are heard on AM radio.
See how easy and cheap it can be!

DIY metal detector - finds with kids

And there it is a homemade metal detecting device cheap and easy. You will definitely be able to go treasure hunting and you will save money in the meantime. This is a great option for those who want to find great treasures in your garden and in your area. It is always a great idea to have fun and also to save cash in the meantime. This equipment is not dangerous for anyone, whether we are talking about kids or adults. Are you ready to have fun while you save cash and go treasure hunting?


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