Coin Hunting or ‘Coin Shooting’ as it’s regularly called, is not just extremely fun to do, but it can simply be really profitable. Finding only 1 silver coin or any unique piece can simply pay for the price of the metal detector. When it comes to Coin Hunting or ‘Coin Shooting’, there are many destinations that I call golden departments, or the best places.

Banks of the river – pools – Lakes – Swimming Holes : These locations are real treasure finding top spots. The Riverbank is a huge area that will provide a life of detecting. Stream banks were used as ferry crossings, and some had covered bridges with toll stations. The local old timers may be ready to tell you where the local fishing and old swimming spots were. Remember plenty of the old fishing spots were also drinking and hoofing spots, and at the swimming holes a large amount of folk took off their outer clothes, losing change as they did. And going back even earlier in the years, people would take their clothes to the banks of the river to bathe them in the water. The same applies for old farm pools, many were used as a fave summer time swimming spot or picnic area. The banks and shores of brooks, ponds, streams, lakes etc, are great destinations for coins, jewelry, trinkets and more.

Schools – Churches : These are also ‘HOT’ areas for metal detecting, most cities or even agricultural areas have a college, some have multiple ones. Faculties that are presently open during school season are an excellent spot to find modern coins and even one or two clad coins, also many trinkets, diecast cars, and cheaper jewelry items can simply be found on modern college grounds.

If you’re as lucky as i am , then you live in a rustic or country area that keeps a lot of their old buildings. I know where there are 2 old buildings that served as one room school homes, these places were open in the late 1800′s to the early 1940′s. Just imagine the wonderful finds these old grounds may be hiding. The old one room school homes also served as churches, social halls, farm grange buildings, and as meeting places for scouts, women help societys and more .

Many old Churches and one room college homes had there own treasure chests, that’s right. When these buildings were constructed, the local youngsters and grown up used to bury a box in the area of grave stones. The chest was a sort of time capsule containing coins, paperspapers and other unique items from the time when the building was erected. Many of these old buildings rotted away over time, and folks forgot about the buried time capsule found near the corner stone.

Searching the land a church is on is like hunting for a pirates loot, you never know what you may find. And lots of churches are extremely old, even lots of the modern ones are like schools, they’re built on the grounds where old ones stood. Churches were frequently the 1st buildings built in numerous cities. Here where I live are numerous churches, and one was built in the early 1700′s. Church buildings not only housed folk on sundays however most were wedding sites, reception halls, dance halls, dinner sites, ice cream social locations, group meeting spots and lots more.

Forests – The woods can be awesome for metal detecting if one knows what to have a look for. Look for old paths, those are great places to see along. Old paths in the forests served as shortcuts to open fields for farmers to get their equipment thru, or for cattle to follow and more. In a wooded area not far away from where I grew up as a child I know where there is an old trail, now grown up with trees and bushes, most people would overlook it or not know it’s history. My granddad and pa built the road by exploding large trunks of trees with explosives and lopping trees. They utilised the trail to quickly get tractors, and other farm machinery to another open field below the woods. Just imagine the number of times my own dad and grandfather probably sat along that old road, eating their lunch or drinking some cool lemonaid beneath the shade of a huge tree. Any time someone sat along a road eating lunch, they would often pull an old fabric hanky from their pocket to blow their nose or maybe wipe their mouth, often spilling some old coins without knowing.

Another rare but great metal detecting site that will frequently be found in the woods is old stone foundations and old stone chimneys, each has the capability for a rare gold coin or a jar of old silver greenbacks. Remember at a previous time this old stone foundation or hearth was part of a familys home, with kids playing, parties and numerous out of doors activites.

Some other great Metal Detecting sites are – Parks, Beaches, Old Ball Fields, Playgrounds, Fairgrounds, Camping Sites, Camps, spook Towns, battlefields, Old Picnic Spots. Make sure that you’ve got permission to search and dig in any location you are going to do your detecting at.


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