If you’ve recently purchased a metal detector or you’re looking into making that kind of investment, welcome to the club. I recently purchased my third Garrett metal detector. There are many fun metal detecting activities you can do either with the whole family or alone.


The first and most common activity is to head to the beach and comb the sand hense the term beach combing, especially after a hurricane. The violent waters bring up treasures from the deep sea; also people frequently lose jewelry at the beach because they remove rings, necklaces, and earrings before they get in the water. Then these items are either lost in the sand or simply left behind. 

Another fun activity is called "coin shooting.” This is simply using your metal detector in areas where there are or were large crowds in order to find lost change. At the end of the day, one of three things will have happened. The two most likely situations are that your Headhunter Land Pro metal detector will have yielded a pocket full of change or you’ll go home empty handed except for the fond memories. But sometimes, you’ll find really old coins or treasures that are actually quite valuable. While it’s not the norm, it does happen, and the possibility always keeps it exciting. There was a carnival in town just last week and my sister and I just had to go treasure hunting for coins. I used my Garrett Ace 250 metal detector and my DetectorPro pistol probe and my sister usually brings along her headhunter pro and we always try to compete to see who finds the most coins.

I have been treasure hunting with my metal detectors longer than she has so that gives me an advantage. What I do is use my metal detector in the custom feature where I have tuned out most other metal or trash items so 95% of my digs turn out to be coins. Then I later sweep the area a second time in the all metals or coins feature just to make sure I haven’t missed a good find.

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