Are you looking forward to switching to an exciting new hobby that will not be expensive in the long run?

You could try metal hunting! Well, start by buying this simple but efficient detector and go hunting in your backyard and gardens. Starting from lost nails to rare antique coins of value, and also silver or gold… you never know what treasures your yard or garden holds!

Switch on this detector and surprise yourself with its outstanding accuracy in hunting down metal objects. Hunting gets really thrilling and is great fun with this detector! This Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Bonus Gifts can differentiate between metals easily and hunts down objects within minutes!

Great balance, Clear Signal, 3-tone identification

The metal detector comes with fully automatic ground balance for efficient functioning. The detector is incorporated with squelch-tech which erases out additional noise which creates false signals digitally and ensures that detection is carried out without any interruption from other wireless devices.

The interesting part about this detector is that it features a digital display which shows the type of target identified. Also, a 3 tone sound technology gives feedback about the distinction in the metals detected. This implies that you can distinguish between a tin can and an old dime easily. This is so good that pro archaeologists and treasure hunters can also use it!

Wonderful assemblage!

The detection function of the detector is supported by the operation of few simple but essential assemblies. An easy view LCD panel displays data about the objects detected distinctly for users of different heights. A free-pin pointer is included with the detector to assist you in finding treasures without digging around too much. This saves time and unnecessary harassment.

A push button is fixed on the detector to command the detector to carry out discrimination between targets. 1-touch depth control helps you to regulate the detection depth of the detector. This makes the work easy for you!


  •     The detector is incorporated with fully automatic ground balance technology for sound functioning for greater accuracy in detection.
  •     Squelch-tech removes extra noises and interruptions from other wireless devices and offers clear signal for quick detection.
  •     A 3-tone audio feedback mechanism is programmed into the detector to clearly distinguish between the types of metal targets identified.
  •     A free-pin pointer is provided with the detector for instant sharp detection of treasures. This saves you from wastage of time in digging around too much!
  •     A large LCD screen is incorporated in the detector with digital display for data on the targets identified.
  •     A push button commands discrimination of objects.
  •     A 1-touch depth control helps you to determine the depth of detection for easy usage.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

Customers are very impressed with the quality of this fantastic detector. It offers terrific entertainment and proves to be a great hobby. It is a highly recommended product.

This Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Bonus Gifts is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by the customers (!

Easy to assemble and lightweight you can carry this with you anywhere without any hassle. So, stop hesitating and get one for yourself and bring on the fun. However, will provide you with further vitals details on its features, shipping and price offers which you would definitely like to know.


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