Treasure hunting has its own charm and once it gets you, you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t take up the hobby earlier. Indeed it is a very interesting job and sometimes it can bring out something really rare and valuable, and at such points it becomes really thrilling.

bounty hunter platinum pro model

So the device that is required for treasure hunting is a metal detector. There are plenty in the market, but if you are new to this hobby, why not start with one of the comparatively cheap one-the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector? Find out what makes it suitable for beginners!

All metal detection mode, trash elimination control, battery powered

This metal detector boasts of the two modes and they are the all metal detection mode and trash elimination mode. Under these two modes you will be able to detect any metal in fact, including silver and gold!

So if your luck favors you, you can have good haul if you can hit upon something made of gold or silver or something of antique value.

The detector can trace items up to 6 inches under the surface, and in cases where the object is big in size, its sensitivity increases and can detect further below. The trash elimination mode ensures that you don’t go on picking junk, and as the detector eliminates the trash items it becomes easier to locate something really valuable and that too with better accuracy.

This metal detector is powered by two 9 volt alkaline batteries and so it gives you complete freedom and portability. Batteries do not come with the detector you have to buy them separately.

Headphone facility, warranty

This product comes with headphone and jack. Due to this very special facility your search remains completely private to you. Any indication you get will be clear, proper and private. So you can easily hunt in crowded places like streets or beaches. This metal detector comes with 1 year limited warranty and takes care of the repairing or replacement factor.

Features and specifications:

  •     The all metal detection mode can detect any metal making your chances of finding something really valuable high.
  •     Trash elimination control helps you to eliminate the trash items and also to trace the things that are of value.
  •     This product is powered by 2 alkaline batteries though they are to be bought separately.
  •     The headphone facility is to make the treasure hunting private.
  •     1 year limited warranty available with this metal detector minimizes the future expenses.

Customer verdict

The customers have given this product a score of 4.1 stars out of 5 at Amazon. They have expressed their satisfaction regarding the various features such as the headphone jack, portability and trash elimination control.

Apart from these features this product can detect bigger things in greater depth. So in short this is a really good and efficient product. If you are a newbie in treasure hunting then this Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector could prove to be the best one to start with. To have more information on the shipping details or price you can visit


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