Out of place, that’s the first thing that I look for when trying to find new places to detect. What do I mean by that? I mean you are in a field and there in the middle of it is a Lilac Bush, or daffodils, quite often it is the only evidence of a past house site.

When you think you have found some thing like this then get the permission you need to enter the property and start your hunt.

Out of Place in the woods, when you are our hiking in the woods look for the same thing that we do in the fields. Look for large trees, or flowers that just don’t belong there. I once found a site that had several Lilac Bushes in the middle of the field. I went to the local library and found out that I had stumbled onto the first water powered mill in my county. I went back to that place and started to detect hard. Only and hour into it I found out the hard way that it used to be a huge party spot way back in the day. Well needless to say I found a lot of old pull tabs, and I did score on a couple of silver dimes. So with that in mind I looked very hard at the field and tried to imagine what it must have looked like back in the 1800′s when they were cutting tree’s there and milling them into shingles. I found several trash dump site’s there, but never did find anything very exciting.

The moral if you will is that the only reason I found that place is because I noticed the out of place flowers growing in the fields. You have come across place’s like this and haven’t even given it a second thought haven’t you. Think about it, that one place in the woods, or that one field way out in nowhere. It had something that didn’t belong there, but maybe you didn’t put two and two together and make it add up.

Out of place is one of my favorite things to look for. Some of the things you might run across that will stick out are very simple others not so easy to figure out. Large trees, trees that are really old and large are a sure sign that a old farm house might have been close by.

Most of the time farmers won’t let a tree take up space like that, they will want to try and use as much land as they can for planting. Lilac Bushes are another sure sign that a house was close by. Lilac bushes were planted around the house by the lady of the house. I have seen many Lilac Bushes and have been clued in that there used to be a house where the place is now vacant..?


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