You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on a metal detector to get into the pastime. There are a great number of coins and things of both interest and value just waiting to be found. The things you find metal detecting can quickly pay off your entire machine.

tesoro compadre underwater best and cheap

There is cheap, and then there is inexpensive. Inexpensive is really what you are after. Sticking with well-known brands is usually the safer bet. They are typically well-built but come with fairly good warranties anyways, in case you do have any problems. These companies want you to enjoy your metal detecting experience, because they know that once you are hooked by that really cool find then you are an enthusiast for life.

Metal detecting has been called a sport by some. Be it sport or simply hobby, it is healthy. It gets you outside, takes you places you wouldn’t otherwise go, and can even teach you things about the past in a hands-on way like nothing else. Click here for further information regarding metal detecting.

Here are three good and reasonably priced metal detectors to look at when you are thinking of purchasing one to start practicing the "sport.”

1.Garrett ACE 150

You can get this metal detector for about $150.00. Garrett is a trusted brand for metal detectors and this is a good general-purpose metal detector. It is rugged and made for the outdoors; it will make your time spent outside even more profitable! It has three search modes: all metal, jewelry, and coins. You can also upgrade to the Garrett ACE 250 for another $60 if you want these added search modes: relics, pinpoint, and custom, as well as 7 added target ID segments, and 3 extra search modes. Both are great, basic, and solid machines. If "one-touch treasure hunting” is what you are after, then either of these machines is for you.

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

This model is available for less than $100.00. That is not much of an investment considering the potential this machine has to quickly pay for itself. It is also a tough machine, made for detecting in extreme conditions, but it is user-friendly too. The coil and stem are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wet grass or shallow water. The Tracker automatically balances for highly mineralized soil. You can detect things like coins 8” down and even deeper for larger objects, up to three feet. This is a versatile machine and is great for coin shooting, relic hunting, jewelry hunting, and cache hunting.

3. Fisher F2

This one is a bit more expensive, at $215.00 or so. It has a few more features though, which will appeal to some. The 8 segment video target ID comes in handy, and the big display with large control panel are easy to operate and simplistic enough for beginners. It is lightweight enough to allow tireless hunting.The waterproof search coil makes this detector great for land or the beach. The sensitivity of this machine is excellent, and it can search 10” deep. The pinpointing feature augments that by allowing you to specifically locate your target. Another plus is Fisher’s five-year-warranty, which is better than most.

Best metal detector for the money

Tesoro Compadre
one of the best cheap metal detectors - Tesoro

This metal detector costs about $160.00. It is not much of an investment, and these seem to hold their value well for re-sale. A big plus when buying a Tesoro is the life-time warranty. That alone makes it a good deal. "Less is more” is what the company was going for with this machine. It is strong for coin hunting and relic hunting but does it all without any extra knobs. It has one knob to make using it easy for the beginner, but also discrimination for the more advanced user. The Compadre is light and easy to swing around all day; it is well balanced and just feels like part of your arm. It is not fancy; it is basic, but it works really well and is easy to use. This is a real performer for the money.


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