For those who need to replace the lithium battery in the xp deus coil and would like the metal detector to work longer. Some photos of procedure:

These are new batteries with larger capacity  - 1000 mAh.

xp deus battery replacement DIY

It's size in comparison to standard xp deus battery:
comparison of standard xp deus coil battery and larger one

New battery inserted inside the search coil:

new battery inserted to the 13 inches coil of xp deus

Cover is closed:

xp deus battery cover

Also one my friend used DIY change in 9'' search coil also with battery of larger size for longer life during prospecting (60 mm x 18 mm and 9 mm thickness) and it perfectly fit to the battery slot:

xp deus battery inside the search coil

See video:

If you are from the UK you can buy the battery of standard size for replacement from this seller on eBay. xp deus battery for sale on ebay UK

This size is fit both to remote control, headphones and coils. xp deus battery for remote control

But this seller ship only inside the United Kingdom.
Other way - choose custom battery larger capacity for example on Aliexpress. You need search by dimensions, because almost no one seller note that the battery fit for Xp Deus.
— Paul, author on


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